Quick PV installation on green roofs with S:FLEX GreenLight


S:FLEX GreenLight green roof PV mounting system
GreenLight base plate with angle bracket and mounting rail

The advantages of the S:FLEX GreenLight System at a glance:

  • Particularly easy and quick to install solution for green roofs
  • Water storage volume of 39.5 l for high water retention
  • Modules can be mounted vertically and horizontally
  • South and east-west orientation (saddle roof and butterfly assembly possible)
  • Available for 3 different inclination angles: 10°, 15° and 20°
  • High module distance from the ground for simplified maintenance of the green roof and optimised yields
  • Static calculations according to Eurocode and regional standards




Especially for the combination of photovoltaics and green roofs

The S:FLEX GreenLight System with substrate ballasting and integrated water reservoir is the quick and easy solution for penetration-free extensive green roofs. The large distance between the modules and the substrate surface prevents heat accumulation and avoids yield losses due to the plants shading the PV modules. For optimal use of roof space as well as easy care, inspection and maintenance, we recommend the butterfly assembly variant with its raised structure between the rows.


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S:FLEX is ISO9001 certified
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