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S:FLEX roof mounting kit components

The advantages of the S:FLEX roof frame kit in detail:

  • Flexible and universal application via basic packages and extension sets with all components for individual configurations
  • Minimal planning effort without time-consuming creation of parts lists
  • Short term availability, low shipping costs and excellent suitability for storage
  • Fast installation thanks to sophisticated technology and numerous pre-installed parts
  • S:FLEX roof frame kits comply with the Eurocode standards for structural design, as well as the TÜV, CE and MCS standards, and come with building approval




Our kits and their components




1 module
– B –
2 4   4   4 12
1 module
– E1 –
2   2 3 2   9
2 modules
– E2 –
4   4 6 4   18
3 modules
– U3 –
2 4 2 10 6 4 30


Examples of kit combinations

Mounting kit combinations



The S:FLEX roof frame kit offers far more than just a quick standard solution

The S:FLEX ROOF FRAME KIT allows framed PV modules to be easily installed in vertical orientation on pitched roofs of old and new buildings with tiled roofing. Optional system packages are also available for additional roofing types. This universal set contains all necessary components for installation of three modules (approx. 1 kW power output). In addition, a basic package for one module is available. In combination with our extension sets for one or two modules (or our universal sets), it enables individual system configurations that ensure optimal use of the existing roof surface.

Elaborate planning and laborious preparation of parts lists are no longer necessary – both for small systems and larger module arrays. Our reasonably priced complete packages thus ensure smooth operations on the building site.

These pre-assembled kits are always available at short notice from S:FLEX and our wholesale partners. The lightweight, material-saving and compact components ensure extremely low delivery costs and are very easy to store.

The installation time is not only reduced thanks to the inclusion of numerous pre-installed parts – the universal height-adjustable module clamps in combination with the patented S:FLEX one-click technology also enable rapid installation of almost all framed module types with a frame height of 30–50 mm. No blanks are required thanks to the optimized rail lengths, which are precisely designed for vertical installation. The connectors included in the extension kits let you quickly expand your system with additional modules.

All individual components have verified structural calculations, all kits comply with the Eurocode standards for structural design, as well as the TÜV, CE and MCS standards, and have building approval. The warranty covers 10 years for the durability of the materials. In addition, we provide detailed step-by-step instructions for correct and safe installation for each kit.


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