The universal in-roof system from S:FLEX


In-roof system with certified roof-tightness
Frame with outer clamp

The advantages of the S:FLEX in-roof system at a glance:

  • Aesthetic integration of the PV modules into the roofing
  • Installation of the retaining clamps directly on the roof substructure means that no loads are placed on the roofing/waterproofing and thus ensures permanent roof-tightness
  • Variable orientation and size of the module array – vertical or horizontal installation
  • Compatible with all standard roof coverings and substructures
  • We will gladly create the structural design for our customer's projects if required – the documentation we provide includes the structural analysis as well as the installation plan for all components




The S:FLEX in-roof system – an appealing look with perfect functionality.

The S:FLEX in-roof system ensures perfect integration of the solar modules into the roofing, both aesthetically and technically. The system allows variable module arrays and is compatible with all common solar modules and roof shapes – and therefore can be installed on almost all tiled roofs. The modules are attached directly to the roof substructure, which is protected against wind and snow by the floating installation of the frames, thereby ensuring permanent drainage and roof-tightness.


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