The S:FLEX system for foil, bitumen and sandwich roofs


S:FLEX Flat Direct system for foil, bitumen and sandwich roofs
Mounting rails and ballast of the S:FLEX Flat Direct

The advantages of the S:FLEX Flat Direct at a glance:

  • Installation without roof penetration
  • Aerodynamic system with low ballast
  • Optimised wind suction openings for reduced ballast
  • Problem-free water drainage and optimal module back-ventilation
  • Also suitable for roof-edge zones
  • We will gladly create the structural design for our customer's projects if required – the documentation we provide includes the structural analysis and the ballast plan




The low-ballast and non-penetrative system for a wide variety of roof shapes

PV mounting solution for roofs with foil or bitumen roofing and sandwich roofsThe Flat Direct from S:FLEX is an innovative PV mounting solution for roofs with foil or bitumen roofing as well as sandwich roofs. This aerodynamic system is thus particularly suitable for industrial roofs with low load-bearing capacities.

The S:FLEX Flat Direct can be used on a variety of roof shapes with a maximum pitch of 30° – saddle, single-pitch or butterfly roofs, one-sided or double-sided, with framed modules installed vertically or horizontally.

Pre-glued foam pads with a high coefficient of friction and optimum material compatibility under the aluminium floor rails ensure a secure fit with minimal ballast, while the system design includes wide gaps between the modules to ensure optimal rear ventilation and create a suction effect in the direction of the roof. Depending on the roof shape, special ridge angle connectors, counterweights or mechanical couplings ensure even greater safety when anchoring. Any necessary ballast stones are clamped to the floor rails so that they cannot slip.

Like all S:FLEX mounting systems, the Flat Direct also allows quick installation thanks to a high degree of pre-assembly and our proven modular system with pre-assembled modular rails, mid and end clamps for all frame heights and our user-friendly clickable technology.


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S:FLEX is ISO9001 certified
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