S:FLEX INmount System
Aesthetic pitched roof integration
Optimised force transmission for heavy loads
Fulfils the criteria for hard roofing

S:FLEX Insertion System

Amazing appearance,
sophisticated technology

Suitable for facades and massive ballustrades,
metal sheet and tiled roofs

S:FLEX Carport Single/Double
Solar carports
with segmental design
For 1, 2 or up to
24 parking spaces
S:FLEX Green Roof System
green roofs
and clean
Fast and penetration-free
High water storage volume and
big module distance from the ground
S:FLEX Delta Concrete
Designed for concrete foundations
Lightweight, material-efficient design
Few components, a lot of flexibility

Sustainable energy – securely anchored

S:FLEX componentsMore than two decades of experience in the solar industry and frame technology flow into the design and production of each of our products. Whether flat roofs, pitched roofs or ground-mounted systems – our range of high-quality frames covers everything from pre-assembled and partially pre-installed substructures to tailor-made solutions, which we always develop in close collaboration with our partners.

In addition to optimising our assembly processes and developing innovative frame details, we place a particular focus on providing services and support for our specialist partners. Advice on product selection, fast delivery direct to the building site, preparation of the structural analysis as well as frame planning – S:FLEX is always on hand to help and advise you.

Get to know a team that always makes time to cater to your requirements and to support your project holistically in accordance with your particular needs.


S:FLEX flat roof frames


Aerodynamic and ballasted systems for flexible installation and optimal yields on flat roofs

S:FLEX pitched roof frames


Tiles, shingle, corrugated fibre cement, foil, sheet metal roofs... the right system for all types of roofing

S:FLEX ground mount systems


A stable and cost-efficient basis for profitable solar power plants on any substrate

S:FLEX systems


Download our comprehensive system overview directly from here or in our Download area

S:FLEX planning tool


Our online tool makes it easy for our customers to create a detailed design of their PV frame system

S:FLEX Support


Technical support for our roof installation frames and ground-mount systems for dealers and installers

S:FLEX - service in Germany and around the world

We started out in Germany. Today, we have branches and partners in many countries in Europe, the Middle East, the US and southern Africa. We supply wholesalers, project planners and installers who have already helped to create many megawatts of solar power capacity worldwide using our systems. The demands customers place on mounting systems are precisely the features that we focus on the most during product development and production:

  • Fast installation and easy handling
    with a maximum degree of pre-assembly and minimal tool use
  • Corrosion-resistant materials and "Made in Germany" production
    for a long, maintenance-free service life and complete recyclability
  • With certification and seal of approval
    S:FLEX mounting systems have been tested and certified in accordance with German and international standards
  • Full compatibility with different modules and roofs
    for flexible use on all kinds of roofing and all standard module types, framed and unframed, as well as for retroactive module replacement

Our system solutions for diverse applications are characterised by well-engineered components – such as universal, clickable module clamps, height-adjustable roof hooks for particularly narrow rafters and non-penetrative attachments for flat and metal roofs.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please use our contact form or call us. We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied customers.