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From the design of the mechanical and electrical systems to the profitability calculation and output of the parts lists – everything required for a professional system design can be managed easily and precisely online. The S:FLEX Planning Tool lets you design PV systems for every type of roof and location from your office PC. Should PROFESSIONAL INSTALLERS be interested to use the tool, please send a note to . (Due to the extensive options and graphical illustrations the application is not optimised for smartphones.)

In the following steps we'll show you how to use this S:FLEX service to quickly and precisely record and plan your solar roof projects in detail.


Here's how to use the tool:

Homepage of the S:FLEX Planning Tool site

In the first step after logging in, you can create new projects and manage your previously started or completed system planning.

Saving project information

Under the menu item "Project" you can save information such as the location of your project, the delivery address and information about the customer.

Locating a project using Google Maps
Project/Google Maps

You can also use Google Maps when creating your project. The location and details of the project can be specified via an address search, maps or satellite imagery.

Selection of roof types

Select the appropriate roof shape and roofing from the available types. Alternatively, you can define complex shapes yourself. Then enter values for the size, pitch, orientation, etc.

Interfering surfaces can be easily entered
Roof/Restricted Areas

Restricted areas, i.e. surfaces that are not to be covered by PV modules, or components that would cause shading, can be easily entered and are then displayed graphically.

Calculation of the snow load
Roof/Snow Load

Click the "Snow Load" button to open a window in which you can select regional values from a stored database or enter your own numbers.

Calculation of the wind load
Roof/Wind Load

Calculating the wind load is just as easy as selecting the snow load thanks to a database of wind zones and terrain categories. Optionally, you can also use your own values.

Selecting the PV modules
PV Modules

Inserting the modules to be used couldn't be easier – our searchable and sortable table contains over 40,000 products including their dimensions and power output. Or you can create a new module yourself.

The mounting system design

This is where you choose one of our S:FLEX system solutions for your previously defined roof. The mounting system is then dimensioned and adapted in all respects to the requirements of the specific roof.

Layout of the module area

The optimal layout of the solar generator is determined and displayed graphically. If required, the arrangement, row spacing or quantity of the modules can be modified manually within the framework of the project specifications.

3D View of the installation
Position/3D View

The three-dimensional view makes it easier to estimate the planning requirements. For this purpose, the system is displayed virtually at its location using Bing or Google Maps. It can be viewed from all sides, angles and zoom levels.

The CAD plan
CAD Plan

Via the "CAD Plan" menu item the module array is displayed as a design drawing. For further processing, the plan can be exported in various scales in the file formats DXF, DWG or PDF.

Detailed structural calculations

For ballasted systems, the required ballast per load point is displayed. For other systems, the tensile and compressive forces are shown. Structural values can be read for any point in the structure, e.g. at the junctions, mounting points, floor rails, etc.

Material overview containing all components

At the end of your work with the S:FLEX planning tool, you will see a material overview containing all components required for the planning and costing. The components are highlighted with prices and technical data and can be downloaded as parts lists in PDF, Excel or XML formats.

A comprehensive report
Output/Project Report

In addition to the material overview, you can also generate a comprehensive report. The roof data, design data, design layout, installation plan, structural details, material costs and all other project information can be output all at once or in any desired combination.

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