S:FLEX LEICHTmount G ground mount structures – without pile driving or heavy equipment


S:FLEX LEICHTmount ground mount for south orientation
S:FLEX LEICHTmount ground mount for east/west orientation

The main advantages of the LEICHTmount G S/EW:

  • Installation without pile driving or major excavation work
  • Suitable for a variety of substrates such as earth, gravel, concrete or terrain where pile driving is not possible
  • S variant with 15° and 20° tilt angle available
  • EW version with 10° tilt angle at least 40 cm ground clearance
  • Short installation times and easy storage
  • Reduced transport costs thanks to efficient use of materials and an extremely space-saving design


LEICHTmount G S for south orientation



LEICHTmount G EW for east/west orientation



The aerodynamic alternative

S:FLEX LEICHTmount G S/EW ground mount systems are available for PV arrays with south or east/west orientation. Both variants are aerodynamic and can be installed on a variety of substrates – without pile driving or major excavation. In addition to ballasting, we have developed optional anchoring methods. Our S systems are available with tilt angles of 15° and 20°. In the E/W version, the modules are inclined by 10° and have a minimum ground clearance of 40 centimetres.

One of the shortest installation times on the market and the ability to accommodate a full megawatt on one truck make the S:FLEX LEICHTmount G an extremely material-saving and cost-effective solution.


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