S:FLEX mounting system for balcony railings   ★ CAN BE ORDERED AS OF Q4 2023 ★


Balcony power plant with S:FLEX mounting system
Linear bearing of the PV modules

The advantages of the S:FLEX balcony system at a glance:

  • Constructive consideration of the low design loads of balconies
  • Particularly easy and risk-free attachment with rails attached to the modules that slide securely into the balcony mounting
  • Lift adapters attached to the vertical bars for stable support and a module pitch of up to 8° against the parapet for optimised yields
  • Standard-compliant linear bearing of the PV modules for maximum lifetime




Solar power made easy

With balcony power plants producing solar power for immediate consumption, apartment owners and tenants can also save energy costs and actively contribute to the energy transition. More and more people are making use of it, especially since systems usually do not require a special permit.

To ensure that attachment is just as easy and safe as operation of the system is, S:FLEX has developed its balcony system, which, with the combination of module slides and guide rails, is not only particularly securely and easily installed, but also has a longer service life thanks to the linear bearing of the modules.


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