S:FLEX LEICHTmount Rail 2.0 flat roof frame

Aerodynamic system
with extremely low surface load

For south and
east/west orientation

Trapezoidal sheet metal rail
with holes
and sealing tape
Fast, direct installation
with rivets or
sheet metal screws
S:FLEX Flat Direct
Pitched roof installation
without roof penetration
For foil,
bitumen or
sandwich roofs
S:FLEX pitched roof system
For all kinds of tiled roofing
With laterally and height-adjustable roof hooks
From rafter widths of just 36 mm

Ground mount structures for framed and frameless PV modules


S:FLEX PV ground-mount system, vertical installation
S:FLEX PV ground-mount system, horizontal installation

All advantages of the S:FLEX ground mount system at a glance:

  • Simple and flexible planning of ground-mounted PV systems with framed and unframed modules
  • Project-related design and system configuration
  • Vertical and horizontal module installation are possible
  • Variable module pitch from 0° to 60°
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to height-adjustable module clamps and end clamps
  • Foundation with pile-driven C-profiles (standard)
  • Other foundation variants on request, e.g. installation on concrete footings or with ground screws
  • System load capacity in accordance with Eurocode; verifiable structural calculations are available on request for maximum safety
  • Long service life, complete recyclability and corrosion resistance thanks to components made entirely of aluminium, stainless steel and galvanised steel with a 10-year warranty




Cost-efficient frame solutions for ground-mounted systems

The S:FLEX ground mount structure is available as a one or two-legged version and can be used on a wide variety of soil types and terrains. Slopes of up to 6° in east/west orientation are possible in principle. With careful design, the gradient can be increased to 50°.

The single-leg construction with supports and the two-legged version with optional struts and individually planned leg spacing allow the frames to be precisely adapted to the respective wind and snow loads.

As standard, the foundation is created by pile driving the C-profiles. Alternatively, the profiles can be screwed onto concrete footings with a base plate.


The S:FLEX ground-mounted system kit


S:FLEX ground-mounted system kit
Ground-mounted system kit for concrete foundations

All advantages of the S:FLEX ground-mounted system kit at a glance:

  • Simple and flexible planning of ground-mounted PV systems up to 100 kWp with framed and unframed modules
  • Suitable for stand-alone systems and grid-connected applications
  • Standardised system configuration
  • Vertical module installation
  • Variable 20°/25°/30° module pitch
  • Maximum flexibility thanks to height-adjustable module clamps and end clamps
  • Anchored with pile-driven C-profiles (standard) or on concrete footings
  • Long service life, complete recyclability and corrosion resistance thanks to components made entirely of aluminium, stainless steel and galvanised steel with a 10-year warranty
  • Packaging units are optimised for transport and storage




The flexible kit for ground-mounted PV projects.

From small island systems to 100 kWp solar power plants – ground-mounted systems can be planned quickly and easily with our standardised system configuration.


Solar carports with one or two rows of parking spaces for companies


S:FLEX Carport Single, one row
S:FLEX Carport Double, two rows

The advantages of S:FLEX Carport Single and Double at a glance:

  • Low-cost installation without foundation work, even on existing parking areas
  • Two different entry heights
  • Comfortable parking thanks to slim V-tube construction with integrated collision protection
  • Integration option for lightning protection system
  • Intelligent cable management
  • High degree of prefabrication with few individual parts
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • 10-year warranty on total carport system
  • 10 years insurance cover included
  • Structural analysis in accordance with Eurocode & national annexes
  • General building approval available




Park comfortably, take advantage of unrestricted weather protection and economically generate your own electricity

Our carports are available for projects with 60 or more parking spaces – in other words, for systems with PV power generation of at least 150 kW. Installation via driven piles means that no elaborate earthworks or cost-intensive foundations are required. The systems are therefore also ideal for retrofitting to existing parking spaces.

The carports are supplied with: HEA beams, prefabricated concrete base elements and a V-tube construction, which also serves as collision protection, anchoring elements, and wood or steel beams as well as trapezoidal metal sheets for the roofing. Optional accessories: Roof drainage systems, LED lighting, snow guard, advertising space systems.


S:FLEX LEICHTmount ground mount structures – without pile driving or heavy equipment


S:FLEX LEICHTmount ground mount for south orientation
S:FLEX LEICHTmount ground mount for east/west orientation

The main advantages of the LEICHTmount ground mount S/EW:

  • Installation without pile driving or major excavation work
  • Suitable for a variety of substrates such as earth, gravel, concrete or terrain where pile driving is not possible
  • S variant with 15° and 20° tilt angle available
  • EW version with 10° tilt angle at least 40 cm ground clearance
  • Short installation times and easy storage
  • Reduced transport costs thanks to efficient use of materials and an extremely space-saving design


LEICHTmount ground mount S for south orientation



LEICHTmount ground mount EW for east/west orientation



The aerodynamic alternative

S:FLEX LEICHTmount ground mount systems are available for PV arrays with south or east/west orientation. Both variants are aerodynamic and can be installed on a variety of substrates – without pile driving or major excavation. In addition to ballasting, we have developed optional anchoring methods. Our S systems are available with tilt angles of 15° and 20°. In the E/W version, the modules are inclined by 10° and have a minimum ground clearance of 40 centimetres.

One of the shortest installation times on the market and the ability to accommodate a full megawatt on one truck make the S:FLEX LEICHTmount ground installation an extremely material-saving and cost-effective solution.


S:FLEX flat roof frames


Aerodynamic and ballasted systems for flexible installation and optimal yields on flat roofs

S:FLEX pitched roof frames


Tiles, shingle, corrugated fibre cement, foil, sheet metal roofs... the right system for all types of roofing

S:FLEX ground mount systems


A stable and cost-efficient basis for profitable solar power plants on any substrate

S:FLEX productsS:FLEX systems


Download our product catalogue and system overview directly from here or in our Download area

S:FLEX planning tool


Our online tool makes it easy for our customers to create a detailed design of their PV frame system

S:FLEX Support


Technical support for our roof installation frames and ground-mount systems for dealers and installers

S:FLEX - service in Germany and around the world

We started out in Germany. Today, we have branches and partners in many countries in Europe, the Middle East, the US and southern Africa. We supply wholesalers, project planners and installers who have already helped to create many megawatts of solar power capacity worldwide using our systems. The demands customers place on mounting systems are precisely the features that we focus on the most during product development and production:

  • Fast installation and easy handling
    with a maximum degree of pre-assembly and minimal tool use
  • Corrosion-resistant materials and "Made in Germany" production
    for a long, maintenance-free service life and complete recyclability
  • With certification and seal of approval
    S:FLEX mounting systems have been tested and certified in accordance with German and international standards
  • Full compatibility with different modules and roofs
    for flexible use on all kinds of roofing and all standard module types, framed and unframed, as well as for retroactive module replacement

Our system solutions for diverse applications are characterised by well-engineered components – such as universal, clickable module clamps, height-adjustable roof hooks for particularly narrow rafters and non-penetrative attachments for flat and metal roofs.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please use our contact form or call us. We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied customers.