S:FLEX LEICHTmount Rail 2.0 flat roof frame

Aerodynamic system
with extremely low surface load

For south and
east/west orientation

Trapezoidal sheet metal rail
with holes
and sealing tape
Fast, direct installation
with rivets or
sheet metal screws
S:FLEX Flat Direct
Pitched roof installation
without roof penetration
For foil,
bitumen or
sandwich roofs
S:FLEX pitched roof system
For all kinds of tiled roofing
With laterally and height-adjustable roof hooks
From rafter widths of just 36 mm

Reliable fastening systems – guaranteed watertight roofs


All S:FLEX flat roof mounting systems are installed without roof penetration and are available as aerodynamic/low-ballast systems and as ballasted frames.

Our aerodynamic LEICHTmount systems require only minimal additional ballast and are the ideal solution for quick installation and for roofs with low pressure/load-bearing capacities.

Our ballasted system based on the S:FLEX Delta triangle allows installation with higher ballast quantities if necessary.



S:FLEX LEICHTmount RAIL 2.0 with extremely low surface load


S:FLEX LEICHTmount RAIL  for south orientation
S:FLEX LEICHTmount RAIL for east/west orientation

The main advantages of the LEICHTmount RAIL 2.0 S/EW:

  • System with building approval
  • Extremely low surface load and roof fastenings without roof penetration
  • Low ballast due to systematic aerodynamic optimisation of the design
  • Optimum load distribution and introduction via a 115-mm-wide floor rail – also suitable for roofing with low pressure resistance
  • Independently tested for wind safety in accordance with German and US standards
  • Very short installation time thanks to fewer components and one-click connections (only one tool is required)
  • Foam rubber pads (plasticiser-free) are firmly pre-installed on the system to protect the roof membrane
  • Roof drainage is ensured
  • Optimised rear ventilation for maximum energy yield
  • Optimised cable management with conduit covers and edge clips
  • Integrated fall protection (optional)
  • We will gladly create the structural design for our customer's projects if required – the documentation we provide includes the structural analysis and the ballast plan


LEICHTmount RAIL S 2.0 for south orientation



LEICHTmount RAIL EW 2.0 for east/west orientation



The lightweight alternative

Aerodynamic, lightweight and totally wind-safe installation without roof penetration. The S:FLEX LEICHTmount RAIL mounting system for framed PV modules is the ideal solution for flat roofs (up to a maximum pitch of 5°) – even with a low load-bearing capacity.

Both versions – the System S for the traditional south-facing orientation and the EW variant for maximum east/west coverage – deliver outstanding economy. The use of only a few, pre-assembled components, most of which can be connected easily and securely with one click, makes installation easy, efficient and fast. No need for time-consuming measuring or drilling on the roof.

As well as the wide contact surfaces and thick, pre-installed foam rubber pads on the substructure, the tool-free installation without self-drilling screws or sharp-edged components provides additional protection – even for the most delicate roof membrane.



The S:FLEX LEICHTmount 2.1 for south orientation (S) or east/west coverage (EW)


S:FLEX LEICHTmount flat roof system for south orientation
S:FLEX LEICHTmount flat roof system for east/west orientation

The main advantages of the LEICHTmount 2.1 S/EW:

  • Patented, statically optimised systems
  • Wind-tunnel tested to the latest standards at up to 250 km/h
  • S variant with tilt angle of 5°, 10° or 15° and optimised row spacing for an 18° or 25° shading calculation area available
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Lower transport costs due to minimal use of materials
  • Includes fleece pads proven via durability tests
  • Certified module clamps with earthing pins that provide system earthing in accordance with international standards
  • Problem-free water drainage and optimal module back-ventilation
  • Optimised wind suction openings for reduced ballast
  • Also suitable for roof-edge zones
  • Also available as a heavy duty, easy-to-install Alpine version
  • Certified to UL 2703, fire tested to UL 1703, tensile and load tested to IEC 61215
  • We will gladly create the structural design for our customer's projects if required – the documentation we provide includes the structural analysis and the ballast plan


LEICHTmount 2.1 S for south orientation



LEICHTmount 2.1 EW for east/west orientation



The aerodynamic alternative

On flat roofs where roof penetration is not possible or desired but the roof construction and load-bearing capacities do not permit ballasting, an aerodynamic, largely ballast-free solution is a viable alternative.

Installed quickly and removable without a trace – yet as stable, storm-proof and durable as ballasted mounting systems or those that are firmly connected to the roof membrane – our aerodynamically designed frames are based on a well-thought, pioneering concept. In particular, our LEICHTmount systems, which can be installed in both south-facing and east-west orientations, come highly recommended as innovative and uncomplicated flat-roof installations.

Aerodynamic LEICHTmount systems



Raised flat-roof frames with the S:FLEX Delta triangle


Raised flat-roof frames with the S:FLEX Delta triangle and ballast stones
Flat-roof frames with the S:FLEX Delta triangle

All benefits of our systems with the S:FLEX Delta triangle at a glance:

  • Variable use of framed and frameless PV modules on flat roofs of old and new buildings
  • Installation on ballast stones, hanger bolts or trapezoidal sheet metal rails is possible; special solutions on request
  • Horizontal or vertical module installation
  • Delta triangles are available with tilt angles from 5° to 45° (in 5° increments)
  • Minimised storage and transport costs: The triangles are delivered pre-installed but collapsed. Transport and storage of up to 252 pcs. per 120x80 cm pallet
  • Quick installation of the substructure thanks to a very high degree of pre-assembly, our latest one-click technology and a detailed installation recommendation
  • Maximum flexibility during installation due to variably adjustable module clamps and end clamps for modules with a frame height of 30–50 mm; certified laminate clamps are available for frameless modules
  • Excellent adaptability to ensure a flat PV array – even on uneven roof surfaces thanks to height-adjustable mounting rails
  • Long service life, complete recyclability and corrosion resistance thanks to 100% aluminium and stainless steel components with a 10-year warranty
  • System load capacity in accordance with DIN EN 1991-1-4:2010-12 (wind loads) and DIN EN 1991-1-3:2010-12 (snow loads), on request testable structural calculations for maximum safety
  • We will gladly create the structural design for our customer's projects if required – the documentation we provide includes the structural analysis and the ballast plan




The easiest way to use flat roofs for photovoltaic systems

The S:FLEX roof frame with ballast is the simple and proven solution for non-penetrative, green-roof-compatible flat-roof installations. A number of attachment and ballast options are available depending on the planned system and the conditions on site.

On flat roofs without roof structures and in regions with high wind loads, we recommend installing Delta triangles for ballasting. In this case, a particularly high quantity of ballast can be flexibly distributed over the rails.

For roofs with a lower load-bearing capacity and roof superstructures on which longer rails cannot easily be laid, the triangles are attached directly to ballast blocks/stone slabs.

Installation of the substructure with S:FLEX Delta triangles with our universal one-click installation principle and ballast – such as weighting stones, gravel or green-roof granules – ensures absolute roof-tightness and easy dismantling. It also offers all the benefits of a raised-panel solution. As well as straightforward maintenance and easy accessibility of both the roof surface and the PV system, high system efficiencies are also achieved thanks to optimal rear ventilation.


S:FLEX flat roof frames


Aerodynamic and ballasted systems for flexible installation and optimal yields on flat roofs

S:FLEX pitched roof frames


Tiles, shingle, corrugated fibre cement, foil, sheet metal roofs... the right system for all types of roofing

S:FLEX ground mount systems


A stable and cost-efficient basis for profitable solar power plants on any substrate

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S:FLEX - service in Germany and around the world

We started out in Germany. Today, we have branches and partners in many countries in Europe, the Middle East, the US and southern Africa. We supply wholesalers, project planners and installers who have already helped to create many megawatts of solar power capacity worldwide using our systems. The demands customers place on mounting systems are precisely the features that we focus on the most during product development and production:

  • Fast installation and easy handling
    with a maximum degree of pre-assembly and minimal tool use
  • Corrosion-resistant materials and "Made in Germany" production
    for a long, maintenance-free service life and complete recyclability
  • With certification and seal of approval
    S:FLEX mounting systems have been tested and certified in accordance with German and international standards
  • Full compatibility with different modules and roofs
    for flexible use on all kinds of roofing and all standard module types, framed and unframed, as well as for retroactive module replacement

Our system solutions for diverse applications are characterised by well-engineered components – such as universal, clickable module clamps, height-adjustable roof hooks for particularly narrow rafters and non-penetrative attachments for flat and metal roofs.

If you have any questions or require additional information, please use our contact form or call us. We look forward to adding you to our long list of satisfied customers.