Versatile economical ground mounting solutions


Specially designed for concrete foundations, as an aerodynamic system that can be assembled without heavy equipment, or combined with carports that are quick to set up and easy to expand: S:FLEX mounting solutions provide the stable substructure for ground-mounted solar power plants of all sizes.



S:FLEX LEICHTmount G ground mount structures – without pile driving or heavy equipment


S:FLEX LEICHTmount ground mount for south orientation
S:FLEX LEICHTmount ground mount for east/west orientation

The main advantages of the LEICHTmount G S/EW:

  • Installation without pile driving or major excavation work
  • Suitable for a variety of substrates such as earth, gravel, concrete or terrain where pile driving is not possible
  • S variant with 15° and 20° tilt angle available
  • EW version with 10° tilt angle at least 40 cm ground clearance
  • Short installation times and easy storage
  • Reduced transport costs thanks to efficient use of materials and an extremely space-saving design


LEICHTmount G S for south orientation



LEICHTmount G EW for east/west orientation



The aerodynamic alternative

S:FLEX LEICHTmount G S/EW ground mount systems are available for PV arrays with south or east/west orientation. Both variants are aerodynamic and can be installed on a variety of substrates – without pile driving or major excavation. In addition to ballasting, we have developed optional anchoring methods. Our S systems are available with tilt angles of 15° and 20°. In the E/W version, the modules are inclined by 10° and have a minimum ground clearance of 40 centimetres.

One of the shortest installation times on the market and the ability to accommodate a full megawatt on one truck make the S:FLEX LEICHTmount G an extremely material-saving and cost-effective solution.


S:FLEX Carport Single/Double for 1, 2 or up to 24 parking spaces


S:FLEX Carport Double for 2 parking spaces
S:FLEX Carport Single for 1 parking space

The advantages of S:FLEX Carport Single and Double at a glance:

  • For homeowners and small commercial enterprises
  • Flexible application, expandable up to 24 parking spaces with extension sets
  • Fast assembly without a crane or special tools
  • Material-optimized design using components with a max. length of 6 m and max. weight of 60 kg
  • Statically pre-dimensioned
  • PV system sizes of approx. 3.8 kW per single or approx. 5.5 kW per double segment




Park comfortably, enjoy protection from the weather and generate your own electricity economically

Our carports are available as single  or double models for residential users, but can easily be expanded with extension sets to accommodate up to 24 parking spaces – without the use of cranes or special tools. This means a PV output of around 3.8 kW to around 66 kW. A good basis for getting started with e-mobility. In addition to the carport components such as supports, roof edging, drainage and trapezoidal sheet metal roofing, tried-and-tested solar fasteners from S:FLEX are included in the scope of delivery. Plates for fastening the inverter and/or charging station are optionally available.


Simple and efficient ground-mounted PV installations with S:FLEX Delta Concrete


Ground-mounted installation with S:FLEX Delta Concrete

The advantages of the S:FLEX Delta Concrete:

  • The Delta Concrete is designed to be used on concrete foundations with effective screw fastening
  • Lightweight, material-efficient design makes the
    Delta Concrete a modular and flexible system with few components
  • Almost all framed and frameless module types with common dimensions – especially bifacial modules – can be installed either in landscape or portrait mode
  • Excellent rear ventilation ensures high yields and makes the system suitable for hot regions.
  • Long service life, complete recyclability and corrosion resistance with a 10-year warranty
  • System load capacity in accordance with DIN EN 1991-1-4:2010-12 (wind loads) and DIN EN 1991-1-3:2010-12 (snow loads), on request testable structural calculations for maximum safety
  • We will gladly create the structural design for our customer's projects if required – the documentation we provide includes the structural analysis as well as the installation plan


A flexible frame solution for systems on concrete ground

The S:FLEX Delta Concrete ground mount structure is a modular and flexible system with a lightweight, material-efficient design and few components that can be planned and installed quickly. No drilling of aluminum or steel is necessary on site. Power optimisers and (micro-)inverters can be easily attached to the structure.


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